Inu and Terra's bio

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Inu and Terra's bio

Post  Blitz on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:43 am

Name: Inu
age: 6 months
Gender: male
Breed: Snow dog. (it's a pure white or silver dog that looks like a wolf)
owner: none
mate: none
pups: none
Personallity: aggresive, playful, agogant, childish, sneaky, sly, fast, stronge, naive and stubborn he is aslo not very bright.

here is a picture:


Name: Terra
age: 4 months
gender: female
breed: miniture pincer (no there not that miniture they are actually quit big.) (shadow: so why are they called miniture?) (me: beats me.)
owner: none (she was in the pound)
mate: none
Pups: abviously not
personality: sly, smart, tricky, easy going, funny, corages, and aggresive when anraged.


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