Yuiko's Human Bio

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Yuiko's Human Bio

Post  Reika on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:59 am

Name: Yuiko
Name Meaning: Thoughtful Child
Pronunciation: Yuu Ee Ko
Personality: Yuiko is a very funny and weird girl. She loves animals. Though she may not act like it, she is actually sly and very cunning.
History: Yuiko was born in japan and recently moved to wherever she is now. After she moved, her parents wouldnt answer any texts or calls. She soon found out that her parents had been killed. This lead the happy girl to be very sad for a while. Shortly after she had gotten Mori and other pets who she had to get rid of. She now owns one Cardigan Welsh Corgi named bear.
Physical Description:

Ill finish later.

I love being random! Its my thing dude, ya know? Its the best thing ever in the whole wide world!!! xD


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