Darkstream's bio

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Darkstream's bio

Post  Sakura on Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:58 am

Name: Darkstream
Name Origin: Because Darkstream was born in the shadow of the night, on a riverbank.
Breed: Wolf/demon
Gender: Male
Age: 1,000 years (Pretty young for a demon xD)
Height: 50 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 500 pounds
Sprinting speed: 2,548 MPH (if he wants to xD)
Place of birth: In the midst of the night, on a riverbank in a unusually dry and cold night.

Description: Long, stained yellow-ish fangs and claws, with black fur and red eyes. When mad, the tip of Darkstream's tail turns red.

Personality: Stubborn and rebilious, and mischeviouse. He always does things right the first time. He is somewhat rude and laughs at others' misfortune. He is short-to-temper and gets insulted easily.

History: Darkstream was always a 'perfect rollmodel', according to his parents. He always did what they said and rubbed it in his sister, Sunclaw's face. After Sunclaw murdered their father, who was alpha at the time, Darkstream rose up to leadership, and of course no one stopped him.







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