Hazelfrost's bio

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Hazelfrost's bio

Post  Sakura on Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:59 am

Name: Hazelfrost
Age: Two and ½ years
Gender: Female
Description: A white she-wolf with hazel eyes and rather short, kind claws. Her hearing is excellent
Personality: Kind, gentle, caring she-wolf, Hazelfrost doesn't know how to be mean, and almost never ignores anyone. She doesn't like fighting and will only use it as a last resort. She is flirty and will trust anyone at first. She will eat anything, but will make sure the wolves around her are fed first before she eats. If a fight starts, Hazelfrost will try to stop it in a kind and gentle manner. Hazelfrost is patient, somewhat naive, and almost never loses her temper
History: One day, when Hazelfrost was a newborn pup, she and her siblings, Dancingflame, Wildfire and Lonelyhowl were playing a simple game of tag. Their mother went out to find food, and it didn't take that long for her, too. But when their mother came back, Dancingflame and Hazelfrost were found outside, cold and covered in blood. The scent of mountain lion was everywhere, and there was cat tracks made with blood leading towards the mountains. Thats why, to this day, Hazelfrost and Dancingflame are so close. And if asked about her histery, she will snap at them and tell them its none of their business.
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