Dancingflame's bio

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Dancingflame's bio

Post  Sakura on Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:20 am

Name: Dancingflame
Nick Names: Flame, Flamey (Note: She doesn't like being called 'Flamey')
Age: 4 years
Gender: Female
Running Speed: 75.3 mph
Weight: Unknown
Siblings: Hazelfrost
Description: Pitch black she-wolf with menacing orange eyes and long legs, allowing her to run easily and fast. Dancingflame is swift and agile, mainly because shes so light and has a thin fur coat
Personality: Naive, impatient, and a fast runner, Dancingflame will usually dive headfirst into anything without thinking it threw first. She is somewhat jittery and, if anyone chalenges her, she uses her swiftness to her advantige. She loves fire, and if anyone chalenges her she won't back down
History: One day, when Dancingflame was a newborn pup, she and her siblings, Hazelfrost, Wildfire and Silenthowl were playing a simple game of tag. Their mother went out to find food, and it didn't take that long for her, too. But when their mother came back, Dancingflame and Hazelfrost were outside, covered in blood. The scent of mountain lion was everywhere, and there was cat tracks made with blood leading towards the mountains. To this day, Dancingflame is afraid of cats and never goes near mountains. Thats also why Hazelfrost and Dancingflame are so close. They don't know if Silenthowl is still alive, 'cuz they think he is dead
Theme Song: None yet
Other: None yet

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