DemonClaw (Pup)

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DemonClaw (Pup)

Post  Jama on Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:13 am

Name Origin:Has long,demonic,black claws.Has a demon side.
Name Pronounciation:Saw-Me-aSpecies:Wolf
Breed:Grey Wolf
Age:5 Months
Personality:Shy and Timid with strangers.Only seems to trust half-demons.Strangely attached to Jama.Hates Shi for killing his pack.Always tries to find a chance to bite Shi.
History:Added later.
Height:12.6 inches at the shoulder.
Weight:26.7 lbs.
Running Speed:46.9 mph.
Place of Birth:In a underwater cave at night.
Zodiac Sign:Saggitarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign:Tiger

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