Paddfoot's Bio

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Paddfoot's Bio

Post  Paddie paw on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:28 am

Name = Paddfoot
Gender= male
Age= 3 years

Personality=A calm and curious type. He is loyal to the end although suspicious at first. He's friendly and loving with a hint of cheekiness. Slight insanity is creeping in due to the many stressful situations he's been in over his life. He has seen and heard many of his friends and pack members die in front of him which has affected him and makes him hesitate during a kill however due to increasing insanity during fights he doesn’t feel much until afterwards.

Description= Paddfoot is a small build, golden brown wolf with a black stripe on his back and tail. He has 2 (newly formed) scars on his cheek from a bear attack and other scars which is covered by his fur. A grey metal tracking collar has been strapped around his neck. As the name suggests he has big paws and his claws are small and sharp which leaves a large ‘padded’ area which helps him on rocks and mud landscapes.

Strengths = A very, very agile wolf due to training and exercise. He also stays calm in stressful events which helps him to think clearly. Ability to stare down opposition, an ability which he inherited from his father but he hasn’t worked out how to do it properly yet... He can climb rocks and descend rocky cliffs easily.

Weaknesses= Lack of strength as his muscles have developed to let him run for miles on end. Lack of physical endurance is also a consequence which means he can't withstand much before he falls. He is very troubled wolf and also emotionally unstable. He is Naive due to his youth and his claws are short which means he can only cause minor wounds with them and travelling on other surfaces proves tricky. A major fault of his is that he means well but can sometimes put what he says in a bad way.

History= abandoned as a pup which forced him to mature quickly. He was forced to flee from the old pack leader and his followers who wanted him dead and will do anything to achieve it.
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