Ayla's bio

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Ayla's bio

Post  Ayla on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:53 am

Age:2 yrs.
Personality: Ayla is very clever, she is shy, proud and will defend her pack with her life. Ayla is also very strong willed and loyal to her friends and family.
History: Ayla lived with her birthpack for one year then she along with other wolves, two of them her aunt and uncle, left to find new territory. Three months passed and Ayla and the wolves found plenty of land and ayla and a friend named Tiklo were sent to find the rest of the pack and bring them here. Tiklo found a mate and left to start his own pack during Ayla and his journey back. Ayla continued and returned to find the rest of the pack gone, she assumed hunters came and killed them. Ayla then went back to the new land and found that they where all either dead or gone. So Ayla lived as a loner for a while until one day she findes her sister Sparrow who she thought was dead.
Description: Ayla has green eyes and a light brown coat with a tint of gray. She is fairly strong build. She has one scar across her left flank.

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