Sparrow's Bio

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Sparrow's Bio

Post  Sparrow on Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:37 pm

Name; Sparrow
Gender; Female
Age; 2.5 years
Personality; Strong willed, determend, patient, loyal, clever, and daring. Sparrow will die protecting someone she cares for.
History; When Ayla left the birth-pack Sparrow stayed behind with some of the wolves. But not soon after Ayla left hunting started increasing in the pack's territory. A rescue center had taken the wolves into a zoo where they stayed for a year before being released back into the wild. Sparrow left the pack soon after that and started her own. She soon found Ayla who she thought was dead.
Description; Sparrow has brown fur with black and grey markings. She has more of a sleak build. She can ran for miles without rest.
Stregnths; Sparrow can outdistance most of her enemies. She has exelent hearing and can easily stalk up on her prey.
Weaknesses; Sparrow has a lack of strength. She can inflect wounds on enemies but doesn't have much power behind them. She

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