Tau Lion Bio

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Tau Lion Bio

Post  Ralf on Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:49 pm


Age: 2

Gender: Male

Markings / Scars: Has a X on his thigh and three lines across his eye from the fight when he was driven out of his birth pride

Personality: Kind , Aggressive , Bold , Brave

Description: Has a tan coat with a black mane and fur on his tail

Weakness / Strengths : Tau has the strength of three ligers and is fast. His weakness is that he does without thinking which can end badly


Tau History

Tau was born the pride male son his mother and pride male had been mates for 8 years and every litter that she had was killed by either alligators or hyenas within their first year of life. Finally she gave birth to a male cub that lived longer the others and she was very proud. Tau father trained Tau hard and for many hours and made sure that Tau was always feed and well. Tau father had an alliance with his brother of another pride and every seven days they would bring both prides together and each pride brought a carcass to share. And every seven days Tau meets up with his best friend Althea they played together every time the two prides came together. When Tau had hit the age of two a group of four male lions joined up and killed Tau father and drove Tau away that night while the four male lions slept Tau pride said their goodbyes to Tau by morning Tau was with his uncle telling him the news. Tau uncle angry left the pride remarking his territory afraid that the new pride leaders would come there next Tau after his uncle left told Althea about what had happen she said that she would come with him to help him find a new pride to join or start. The next day after Althea had said her goodbye Tau and Althea left


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