Althea Lion Bio

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Althea Lion Bio

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Gender: Female

Markings / Scars: has markings but I dont no how to explain it will get back to later

Personality: Sweet , Kind , Aggressive , Caring , Loyal

Description: Has a cream coat and a white under belly she has markings below her eye and on her head and has a light brown tail

Weakness / Strengths: Althea strength is that she is fast and a skilled hunter. Her weakness is her temper and she likes things her way


Althea History
Althea was born in a nice pack he father was a close friend of the pride male he had helped over throw the last king of the pride but when he had fought for the king spot in the pride he had lost but soon he found himself in love with one of the lioness of the pride. But the king would not let them mate but after 8 years of Althea’s mother refusing or killing her cubs not wishes to have cubs of the king of the pride the pride male allowed the two to be mates. Once Althea mother came into heat her father and mother left the back for a few days to mate and be in peace. A few months later Althea mother gave birth to a single female cub. Althea had fun in her pride playing with the other cubs and was very close with her father every seven days she and her pride would get together with Tau father pride and she would play with Tau all day until it was time to leave. One day Althea heard Tau and her pride king talking and as the king ran off she talked to Tau and had found out that his father had been killed and that he had been kicked out of his pride she decided to join him not wanting him to be starve or be killed after Tau had left she told her mother and father her decision they didn’t want her to leave but decided to let her go after getting the ok from her parents Althea told the king of her decision and he supported her and thanked her for joining his nephew and let he know that if she ever wanted to come back if he was still the pride king she could at any time. At dawn Althea said her finally goodbyes and saved her final goodbye for her father she licked him a goodbye and set off with Tau

Saying goodbye to her father

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