Takami's Bio

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Takami's Bio

Post  Ayla on Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:35 am

Name: Takami, though she likes to be called Tani
Age: 2 1/2
Gender: Female
Markings / Scars: She has one cresent moon shape scar under her left eye. Tami has a black strip down her back to the tip of her tail.
Personality: Careing, loyal, proud, curious
Description: Tami has a dark golden/brown fur, her tail, chest, and belly are a very dark brown. Her eyes are a dark gray blue with a fleck of green.
Weakness / Strengths: Tami can't run for long periods of time and her left eye will sometimes hurt her enough that she will get very mad then after she is exaugsted. Tami's strength is fighting and her hearing.
History:Taniwas born into a dangerous life. Her father Licros was the leader of a small pride and he belived every word an old lioness spoke. One night the lioness had told him that a threat would come one from his bloodline, that same night Tami was born. Licros quickly though that Tami was a threat to his leadership so he decided to kill her and because he was so powerhungry he was willing to kill his son and mate as well. Licros ambushed the den where Tani, her mother Katali, and her older brother, Miklo were sleeping. Licros was able to wound Katali, Miklo and leave a cresent shaped scar under Tani's left eye. Tani grew up with her mother and brother, for their former pride had left with Licros.

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