Kimi's Bio

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Kimi's Bio

Post  Reika on Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:16 am

Name: Kimi

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Weaknesses: She is bad at scenting out things.

Strengths: She is stronger than most others, is great at hearing and sight, and hates badgers.

Description: Kimi is a black pup. She is Azuka's dark side, and when angry or provoked, has shown signs of red eyes and a very angry snarl. When she is emberassed or extremely scared, two extra tails pop out. She usually stays with her sister. If Kimi were to die, Azuka would disappear.

Personality: Kimi is a very kind yearling when she wishes to be. When provoked or angry, she can do what seems impossible to most people. She distrusts humans, and loves to hunt for fun. She doesnt like to kill very much, but will if her family, friends or pack are endangered.

Theme Song: Hot N' Cold (by: Katy Perry)

I love being random! Its my thing dude, ya know? Its the best thing ever in the whole wide world!!! xD


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