Azuka's Bio

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Azuka's Bio

Post  Reika on Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:19 am

Name: Azuka

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Description: Azuka is Kimi's lighter side. She is black with oddly shaped ears, uneven eyes, and a crooked snout. "These deformities are what makes me, me." She has a bad back like her mother, great eyesight and aim.

Personality: Azuka is a bit playful. She can pack a punch when she needs, even though she is shy, and learned how to fight without mercy from her mother. If Azuka were to die, Kimi would fade into dust.

Weaknesses: Azuka is not as good at hearing as her sister.

Strengths: She inherets good scenting skills from her mother before she went scent-senseless. She has a weak back and loves the taste of salmon.

Theme Song: Boom Boom Pow (By: Black eyed Peas)

I love being random! Its my thing dude, ya know? Its the best thing ever in the whole wide world!!! xD


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