Shadow's bio

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Shadow's bio

Post  Blitz on Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:07 am

Name: Shadow
Full Name: Shadow Fiinikkusu (Phoenix)
Name meaning: A dark figure.
Gender: female (obviosly)
Age: 17 in demon years.
Running speed: 100 MPH
Place of birth: Shadow lives in a shrine west of the cave Blitz was born in.

Description: Shadow is black with red markings. However the one that betraid Blitz, her fur is blue/black with 4 tails and a neckless around her neck.

Personality: Shadow is sly, swift and cunning. She can easely minipulat others to her own free will. In a fight Shadow will taunt and tease her enemy before absobing any negativity and then releasing it back at her foe ten times worse.

History: Under construction.

Strengths: Shadow has great speed and power just like Blitz. Her famouse moves are "negetivity ball", "Dark hole", "Crush claw" and "Demention Rip."

Weaknesses: Shadow will do anything to get what she wants. She is afrade of fire but wont show it (me: well unless you see *running at the flame with full power* or *wanting to kill a hot fire golem in one hit* showing that she is afraid of it.) (shadow: shut up!)

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